POP | LOLLYPOP Bake form, Cake mold, Soap, Chocolate, Candy, Resin Silicone Mould. Silicone mold foodgrade

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Unleash your creativity with this Food-Safe Silicone Mold for DIY Lollipops! This mold features adorable designs including paw prints, a hippo's head, a bear's head, and even a flat round shape with a whimsical spiral. With 8 cheerful cavities in a vibrant pink hue, this mold is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Dimensions: Approximately 165mm wide, 165mm long, and 12mm thick, tailored for 3mm sticks. Here are the inner dimensions:

Lollipop: 38mm
Hippo: 38x37mm
Bear: 35x40mm
Spiral: 40x41mm

Set your creativity free and craft delightful treats that look just as amazing as they taste!

Temperature Limit: -60℃ to 240℃

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